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L. Del Bino, J.M. Silver, S.L. Stebbings, P. Del'Haye
"Symmetry Breaking of Counter-Propagating Light in a Nonlinear Resonator"
(submitted) |

D.T. Reid, C.M. Heyl, R.R. Thomson, R. Trebino, G. Steinmeyer, H.H. Fielding, R. Holzwarth, Z. Zhang, P. Del'Haye, T. Suedmeyer, G. Mourou, T. Tajima, D. Faccio, F.J.M. Harren, G. Cerullo
"Roadmap on Ultrafast Optics"
Journal of Optics 18, 9 (2016)

H. Taheri, P. Del'Haye, A.A. Eftekhar, K. Wiesenfeld, A. Adibi
"Self-synchronization of Kerr-nonlinear Optical Parametric Oscillators"
(submitted) |

P. Del'Haye, A. Coillet, T. Fortier, K. Beha, D. Cole, K. Yang, H. Lee, K. Vahala, S. Papp, S. Diddams
"Phase-coherent microwave-to-optical link with a self-referenced microcomb"
Nature Photonics 10, 516-520 (2016) |

K. Yang, K. Beha, D. Cole, X. Yi, P. Del'Haye, H. Lee, J. Li, D. Oh, S.A. Diddams, S.B. Papp, K.J. Vahala
"Broadband dispersion engineered microresonator on-a-chip"
Nature Photonics 10, 316-320 (2016) |


K. Beha, D. Cole, P. Del'Haye, A. Coillet, S.A. Diddams, S.B. Papp
"Self-referencing a continuous-wave laser with electro-optic modulation"
(submitted) |

P. Del'Haye, A. Coillet, W. Loh, K. Beha, S.B. Papp, S.A. Diddams
"Phase Steps and Hot Resonator Detuning in Microresonator Frequency Combs"
Nature Communications 6, 5668 (2015) |


P. Del'Haye, K. Beha, S.B. Papp, S.A. Diddams
"Self-Injection Locking and Phase-Locked States in Microresonator-Based Optical Frequency Combs"
Physical Review Letters 112, 043905 (2014)  |

S.B. Papp, K. Beha, P. Del'Haye, F. Quinlan, H. Lee, K.J. Vahala, S.A. Diddams
"A microresonator frequency comb optical clock"
Optica 1, 10-14 (2014)  |

W. Loh, P. Del'Haye, S.B. Papp, S.A. Diddams
"Phase and coherence of optical microresonator frequency combs"
Physical Review A 89, 053810 (2014)  | 


S.B. Papp, P. Del'Haye, S.A. Diddams
"Parametric seeding of a microresonator optical frequency comb"
Optics Express 21, 17615 (2013)  |

P. Del'Haye, S.A. Diddams, S.B. Papp
"Laser-Machined Ultra-High-Q Microrod Resonators for Nonlinear Optics"
Appl. Phys. Lett. 102, 221119 (2013)  |

S.B. Papp, P. Del'Haye, S.A. Diddams
"Mechanical control of a microrod-resonator optical frequency comb"
Physical Review X 3 031003 (2013)  |

C.Y. Wang, T. Herr, P. Del'Haye, A. Schliesser, J. Hofer, R. Holzwarth, T.W. Haensch, N. Picque, T. J. Kippenberg
"Mid-Infrared Optical Frequency Combs based on Crystalline Microresonators"
Nature Communications 4, 1345 (2013)  |

until 2012

P. Del'Haye, S.B. Papp, S.A. Diddams
"Hybrid Electro-Optically Modulated Microcombs"
Physical Review Letters 109 263901 (2012)  |

P. Del'Haye, T. Herr, E. Gavartin, R. Holzwarth, and T. J. Kippenberg
"Octave Spanning Frequency Comb on a Chip"
Physical Review Letters, 107, 063901 (2011)  |

P. Del'Haye, O. Arcizet, M. L. Gorodetsky, R. Holzwarth, T. J. Kippenberg
"Frequency Comb Assisted Diode Laser Spectroscopy for Measurement of Microcavity Dispersion"
Nature Photonics 3, 529 (2009)  |

P. Del'Haye, O. Arcizet, A. Schliesser, R. Holzwarth and T.J. Kippenberg
"Full Stabilization of a Microresonator-Based Optical Frequency Comb"
Physical Review Letters 101 053903 (2008)  |

P. Del'Haye, A. Schliesser, O. Arcizet, T. Wilken, R. Holzwarth, and T.J. Kippenberg
"Optical Frequency Comb Generation From a Monolithic Microresonator"
Nature 450, 1214 (2007) |

R. Ma, A. Schliesser, P. Del'Haye, A. Dabirian, G. Anetsberger and T.J. Kippenberg
"Radiation Pressure Driven Vibrational Modes in Ultra-High-Q Silica Microspheres"
Optics Letters 32, 2200 (2007) |

A. Schliesser, P. Del'Haye, N. Nooshi, K. J. Vahala and T. J. Kippenberg
"Radiation Pressure Cooling of a Micromechanical Oscillator Using Dynamical Backaction"
Physical Review Letters 97, 243905 (2006) |

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Optical Frequency Comb Generation in Monolithic Microresonators

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Optical spectroscopy has attracted attention of generations of scientists, starting with Fraunhofer's discovery of dark lines in the sun spectrum in 1814 followed by work of Kirchhoff and Bunsen in 1859, who explained these lines as absorption of light in atoms and molecules. Within the last decade, the invention of optical frequency combs has revolutionized the field of spectroscopy and paved the way for groundbreaking measurements at previously unattainable accuracy, which has been rewarded with the Nobel Prize in 2005. Meanwhile frequency combs have spread into a variety of research fields at fast pace and are used for precision spectroscopy, optical clocks, chemical sensing, distance measurements, astrophysical spectrometer calibration and many other applications.

This thesis presents an entirely novel approach for frequency comb generation based on nonlinear frequency conversion in micrometer sized optical resonators. Here, the comb generation process can be directly described in frequency domain as energy conserving interactions between four photons (four-photon mixing). This process is a result of extremely high light intensities that build up in microresonators with long photon storage times. The thesis is composed of four main parts that answer fundamental questions in the context of microresonator-based frequency comb generation as well as providing insights in the control and possible applications of this type of comb generators.

 Methods and systems for nonreciprocal light propagation; "Optical Resonator Systems"
UK patent application: GB1611046.2

 "Laser Machining and Mechanical Control of Optical Resonators"
US patent: US20140090425 A1

 "Method and apparatus for frequency comb assisted laser spectroscopy"
US provisional patent: US 61/217,220

 "Method and apparatus for optical frequency comb generation using a monolithic micro-resonator"
European patent: EP1988425 A1, US patent: US7982944 B2, Japanese patent: JP,2009-020492,A

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